Friday, March 9, 2012

The Aaron Eckhart Fashion Photography

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Knight he can to fight against Batman in The Dark before, but Aaron Eckhart has a new obsession: fashion photography.

"I'm obsessed with her. There is something that I do, "he said. "It's really the only thing I think."

with French and Italian Vogue, as his inspiration - as well as famous photographers like Bruce Weber, like his hero - the actor has said that the capture of reckless gross human emotion is what is most enthusiastic.

"Fashion Photography Straight up in the studio - it's not what I aspire to, you know I like stories from the point where the outside is where my game is in your city."

Then the actor - in an upcoming film starring Nicole Kidman has again this year - after Pro?

"I will if you ask me. I hope to do, shows and everything else. I'm really just a geek photography. I like to shoot."

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